Volleyball Nunavut is dedicated to helping communities with 'RETURN TO VOLLEYBALL' in their communities.

There will be three (3) ways that communities can receive help from Volleyball Nunavut:

1) COACHES CORNER - Tentative launch date October 26, 2020


3) VBNU COMMUNITY EVENT GRANT - Updated October 8, 2020

1) COACHES CORNERTentative launch date October 26, 2020


VBNU is looking at helping communities resume and/or start community volleyball programs.  VBNU will be developing a 'COACHES CORNER' page that coaches can access for resources.  STAY TUNED!!


These resources will include:

  • Practice Plans

  • Videos of Volleyball Drills

  • Strength and Conditioning Plans

  • Links to watching Volleyball matches (Team Canada, Olympics, U-sport)

  • Online Training with our Team Nunavut coaches

  • Much More...



For any community that registered for the 2020 18U Territorials or is interested in registering for the 2021 18U Territorial Tournament and has a dedicated coach.  These communities will be able to apply for the 'VBNU Community Volleyball Package.' 


This package will include:

  • 8 Volleyballs 

  • VBNU Clothing - Clothing can be used for fundraising, giveaways, prizes, etc.

  • Skipping Ropes

  • Agility Ladders

  • Cones

APPLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT:         October 13, 2020

APPLICATION DEADLINE:                       October 30, 2020

GRANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:                   November 6, 2020  (Packages will be sent out on this day)

3) VBNU COMMUNITY EVENT GRANT - Updated October 8, 2020


Due to COVID-19, Volleyball Nunavut has made changes to its 'VBNU Community Event Grants'. 


Due to COVID-19mVBNU will be providing multiple $2000.00 Event Grants for community leagues and tournament series.

This 'Event Grant' will be by application only and will need to meet the following requirements:

  • 'PLAY FOR ALL' - Everyone in the community who is over the age of 13 years of age and is interested in playing MUST be allowed to play. 

- Communities can set up different age and/or experienced categories for the tournament and are allowed to modify playing rules for the different categories.

  • COMMUNITY PLAY ONLY - Inter-community travel for tournaments and play is not allowed at this time.  This Grant is for providing play within your community ONLY.

  •  'RETURN TO VOLLEYBALL' Guidelines must be followed. See Guidelines

APPLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT:          October 13, 2020

APPLICATION DEADLINE:                        November 6, 2020 (possibility of second call)

VBNU Community Event Grant.png


Grant funding can be used to offset the costs of the following:

  • Equipment – Equipment needed to host event.

  • Referee Costs 

  • Marketing and Advertising of event

  • Event Logistics 

  • Administration costs – (printing, hosting costs)

  • Cleaning supplies


Grant funding cannot be used for the following:

  • Costs for food or beverages

  • Infrastructure and/or Capital Costs

  • Prize Money

  • Facility / Gym Rentals

- Communities should be donating facilities for such events

For more information on any of the 'RETURN TO VOLLEYBALL' Programs

contact the Program Director at

CONTACT US  |  867-222-9004

PO BOX 208 - IQALUIT, NU - X0A 0H0

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