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Volleyball Nunavut, as the territorial governing body, has the responsibility for the sanctioning of Volleyball events and competitions in Nunavut. The purposes and benefits of sanctioning are of value to the participant, event organizer, sponsors, facility administrators and the public.

Sanctioning events supports the goal of hosting quality events and helps to support the development of programs and services through volleyball throughout Nunavut.

Sanctioning Your Event

  • Ensures a commitment by the event organizer that the event will be conducted in accordance with Volleyball Nunavut guidelines.

  • Ensures that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner for all participants.

  • Ensures that the event meets a standard of quality required by Government of Nunavut - Sport and Recreation Division

Benefits of Sanctioning Your Event

  • Liability Insurance - Sanctioned Events will be under Volleyball Nunavut's Liability Insurance.

  • Airline / Travel Discounts - Sanctioned Events are eligible for Volleyball Nunavut's airline and travel discount.  

  • Recognition and Promotion of Event - Volleyball Nunavut will help each sanctioned event to succeed with promotion and marketing on all social media channels such as Website, Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

  • Technical Assistance - Advice and support for the event when needed.  (Such as help with hosting, administration and organizational issues)

  • Eligibility to Apply for VBNU Community Event Grant - Events must be sanctioned to be eligible for financial help with the VBNU Community Event Grant

How to Sanction Your Event

  • There will be a $10.00 Sanctioning Administrative fee associated with each application**

  • Applications must be in no later than 30 days prior to event start.

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