Mission & Vision

Volleyball Nunavut Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

"Creating quality opportunities toward the growth and development of volleyball in Nunavut."

Our Vision:

Volleyball Nunavut will work towards making volleyball the preferred sport of participation and recreation for all people in Nunavut. Volleyball Nunavut also wants to be recognized as the leading territorial sports organization in the territorial.

Organizational Values:

The following is the list of organizational values for guiding Volleyball Nunavut through the 2014-2018 planning period:

Accountability: By acting in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner with all Volleyball Nunavut funds.

Excellence: Designing, planning and implementing the best possible programs and services for all Volleyball Nunavut members.

Accessibility: Access to learning the sport of volleyball to all people of Nunavut regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or socio-economic status.

Innovation: Becoming the leader amongst territorial sports organizations in Nunavut by continually looking for ways to do things better.

Collaboration: Working with all interested individuals and organizations at the local, territorial and national level to grow the sport of volleyball.

Passion: Put forth every effort to make volleyball visible and popular in Nunavut.