Adult Programs

Volleyball has always been a popular sport in Nunavut amongst people 18 years of age and over. Volleyball Nunavut is very proud of the community spirit that adult volleyball brings to the Territory and is committed to increasing the participation and quality of adult volleyball in Nunavut.

Volleyball Nunavut will achieve this by:
1) Hosting top calibre events such as the Canadian North Open Volleyball Territorial.
2) Support community run tournaments / events such as the Laurier Gauthier Memorial (LGM) and the Iqaluit Open Volleyball Tournament (IOVC) through sanctioning and approved funding.
3) Provide adult volleyball camps combined with Project Volleyball Nunavut.

Tournament / Event Hosting
All tournaments and events must be sanctioned by Volleyball Nunavut to ensure eligibility of all coaches, players and referees, and to qualify for the use Volleyball Nunavut registered referees, and to receive insurance coverage.

If you or your community would like to host an adult tournament please fill out the Event Sanctioning Form below:

Event Sanctioning Form: