Laura Gauthier Memorial Tournament

* LGM 2018 will be happening October 2018 in Rankin Inlet, NC.
More information coming soon.

About the Laura Gauthier Memorial Tournament


The Laura Gauthier Memorial (LGM) is one of the longest running annual volleyball tournaments in Nunavut. The LGM is hosted by the great sporting community of Rankin Inlet.

About Laura Gauthier
Laura Gauthier was born in British Columbia, but lived almost her entire life in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Arriving in Rankin Inlet in August 1994, and spending almost three years as an employee of the government and Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, she was a mother to two boys and one girl before her passing in August of the year 2000.

Laura spent time at Lethbridge University and Simon Fraser University where she developed her skills and knowledge of Volleyball.

Her passion for the sport shone through throughout her life, but made an enormous impact once she returned to the north. The impact was so profound that the people of Rankin Inlet devoted an entire tournament in her honour.

She would want nothing more than for the people of the north to continue to gather and play the sport and encourage its growth. In her words, she would often say, "Be a go getter and dig for the ball!"