Benefits of Hosting an Event

Benefits of Hosting a Volleyball Tournament:

1)  Playing in your hometown and facilities
2)  No travelling required
3)  Fund Raising through canteen sales
4)  $200 entry fee per team
5)  Helping Volleyball Nunavut communities to develop through meaningful competition
6)  Having parents, athletes, and other volunteers work together for the benefit of the community.
7)  Drawing people to your community – economic benefits
8)  Showcasing your communities dedication and excellence to the sport of volleyball within the Territory

Tournament / Event Host Responsibilities:

  • The draw
  • Tournament score sheets, draw sheets, line up cards, and Game Balls
  • Tournament information to the coaches
  • Medals / Awards
  • Officials
  • Budget
  • Book the gym facilities
  • Gym set up; courts, bleachers, score tables, etc.
  • Canteen - it is recommended that the canteen offer nutritious foods to provide the athletes with healthier energy options
  • Medal/Awards presentation
  • Collect and Staff Admissions table
  • Promotion of the event to local media
  • Send results to local media and Volleyball Nunavut office
  • Gym clean up

Tournament Action Plan for the Event:

Site Coordinator:
Each venue should have its own site coordinator to report scores, prompt officials to stay on time and care for little problems that occur during the day. A floater that moves between venues is useful for solving small problems and reporting scores. It is best to have a site coordinator that is not involved in coaching during the event. 

This group should be made up of the head official of the event and a member of the organizing committee. In the event that a member of the jury is involved in the protest, the host will appoint impartial replacements.

A schedule will be provided to the host by the head official or the assigner of the event. Officials will appreciate a room where they can store their belongings and relax while they are not officiating a match.

Duties of Event Host:

During Tournament:
1)  Post results and determines tie-breaking situations.
2)  Ensure that the tournament schedule is adhered to.
3)  Encourage officials to keep tournament on time.
4)  Ensure that the playing area and surrounding area is safe. This may mean the removal of some obstructions, garbage, gym bags, spectators, etc.
5)  Have access to spare equipment and tools in case problems occur.
6)  Arrive at least one hour prior to the start of the first match.
7)  Ensure all facilities are open and properly posted, e.g., entrance to gym, washrooms, etc.
8)  Check the nets and antennae often to ensure proper playing area.
9)  Ensure that the scorer’s table has the following:

  • Pens/pencils
  • Tournament schedule
  • Officials schedule
  • Score cards/flip cards
  • Line up cards for coaches
  • Score sheets
  • Game ball
  • Receptacle for garbage
  • Ensure that the master draw sheet and a tournament schedule is posted in a visible location for teams and spectators.

11)  Have ice on hand in case of minor injuries and have the Emergency Action Plan within easy access.
12)  Ensure that the court numbers are clearly posted.
13)  Have a rulebook on hand.
14)  Deal with other problems that may arise.

Post Tournament Duties:
1)  Fax results to appropriate media on the same day.
2)  Fax or mail results to Volleyball Nunavut immediately.
3)  Assist in clean-up of tournament site.