About Volleyball Nunavut

Kids-group_400.jpgInitially established in 1999, Volleyball Nunavut has been resurrected by a passionate group of enthusiastic individuals whose ultimate goal is to make the sport of volleyball the number one sport of choice for Nunavummiut.

Volleyball Nunavut is working towards being involved in every faucet of the sport by offering programs for all levels, ages and categories. These programs will help both youth and adults develop a passion for life long sport and recreation towards a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to provide participation of the sport with recreational, competitive and instructional development through quality administrative, youth, adult, coaching and officiating programs and services.

Volleyball Nunavut is a non-profit organization funded and supported by Sport and Recreation Nunavut, sponsors and its members.

President's Message

Shylah_400).jpgWelcome to Volleyball Nunavut!

We are a newly rejuvenated Territorial Sports organization dedicated to growing the sport of Volleyball in Nunavut.

Nunavummiut certainly aren’t newcomers to the sport of Volleyball. In Canada’s youngest territory, passion for volleyball is pervasive and has continued to thrive because of community involvement and dedication. Our Board is composed of 9 of these people who aspire to bring greater opportunities for volleyball players in Nunavut.

Due to our vast geography, we are faced with the unique challenge of exposing our athletes to the rest of Canada, and often, to each other. With 26 fly-in communities, tournaments are costly and therefore, few.

This has motivated our shared goal to work together to remove barriers wherever they exist in order to ensure Nunavummiut have fair and equal opportunity to participate in high performance volleyball.

We are also dedicated to inspiring and enhancing adult competition to foster good health, fitness and sportsmanship within and among our communities.

As President of Volleyball Nunavut, I welcome you to share your ideas and aspirations with our hard-working team as we continue to promote and develop volleyball for all levels across the Territory. With great community support and partnerships, the sky is the limit!

Shylah Elliott
President, Volleyball Nunavut